This is beautiful Olive, she was found around the end of December, she was hanging around a local family's house looking very thin. They called her Olive because they were picking Olives at the time she came to them. She was very timid at first but as they gained her trust she eventually stayed with them and slowly started to get used to living in a home. She adapted very quickly and got used to her regular meals and walks. She loves to play and have her siesta's. She now loves a cuddle and is very receptive to training. She is really well behaved, not destructive in the house, happy to be left on her own for a few hours.

Olive moved from her foster home to our shelter in April and enjoys playing with the other dogs there as well as our volunteers.

Olive will make a wonderful companion for someone, she has a lovely nature and is so sweet.

Sex: Female

Born: Sept. 2011

Height: 40cm

Weight: 10kg

Olive loves playing with other dogs and gets on well with people also.

She has loads of energy and likes going on walks.