Guillermo came to us after being found in a local village with a deep wound on his chest, our vet thinks he was impaled on something and the wound was infected. He had a drain stitched in and he’s on antibiotics. He was very frightened when we found him but he is now a very happy and playful guy with a very big personality.

He gets on well with all dogs and people at SOS, and just wants a playmate or someone to hug. Part of his charm is that he always tells you when it's time to cosy up by lightly touching you with his paw. He walks very well on a lead. Guillermo would fit well both as an only dog and with a friend as long as he has someone to play with and be near. We believe that Guilermo would fit best in a home without young children. He thinks it's a little scary to go by car and is reserved in new environments.

Sex: Female

Born: February 2013

Height: 47 cm

Weight: 14 kg