Lexie was found by an English couple on holiday here. She was thin but the pregnancy made her look in better condition than she was in. They took her to vet who did an ultrasound and saw there were lots of pups. Kept her in overnight as she was about to give birth. The following day he did another ultrasound and found their heartbeat dropping and she was too weak to give birth so he did a caesarean and found 9 pups. The mum showed no interest in them, did not clean them, cut the cord and she had not much milk for them. It was decided to take 5 away from her and hoped that by leaving her with 4 but it didn’t work out sadly and they died.

She is an affectionate dog who loves being with people.

Sex: Female

Born: June 2013

Height: 57 cm

Weight: 21 kgs