Casper is a fantastic little guy!! He loves everyone and loves other dogs. He is a really happy go lucky puppy.

Casper was found abandoned in the countryside in a very bad way and was taken in and fostered by one of our wonderful volunteers. When he was found he was very thin and had terrible mange. He needed daily baths and lots of care and attention. Now he is looking great and is a happy and healthy boy.

He is great in the car and on lead and loves his walks, you can play with his food, bones etc while he is eating and is not possessive, he is not destructive. He loves to cuddle and have his feet rubbed. You can basically do anything with Casper and he does not mind. He is amazing!! His ideal home home will be with one or more dogs and we feel  he would also get on with cats and other pets, however we feel he will fit in almost anywhere.

Sex: Male

Born: July 2012

Height: 45cm

Weight: 14kg

Casper is neutered, vaccinated and has a pet passport and is house trained.

Whoever adopts Casper will have a wonderful companion and will be a great friend to another dog.