Campo was found wandering in the countryside.

He is a nervous and timid guy who probably had a very bad experience with humans, he is making progress but it is slow, he has been at SOS since 2007. At first it was impossible to connect him and he had to run loose in the play area for exercise.

Nowadays he walks nicely on a lead and you can pat him although he still thinks it's a little scary. If you turn your back to him, he becomes suddenly very brave and jumps up and will place his front paws on you whilst looking for treats in your pockets.

When Campo is with other dogs he is a completely different dog, he becomes brave, bordering on cocky.

Campo loves to run around at full speed when he is let off the lead.

Sex: Male

Born: 2006

Height: 40cm

Weight: 14kg

Campo has a very nervous disposition.