Sasha lived with a young couple until she was about ten months old, when the couple's relationship ended the man took out his frustrations on Sasha by mistreating her. The woman finally managed to take Sasha from him, but she was unable to keep her so she contacted SOS. Since Sasha has been at SOS, she has made great progress and learned to trust people again, she has not shown any signs of fear despite her past experiences of men.

Sasha loves her walks and is overjoyed when someone comes into her kennel and is generous with her kisses.

One must be clear and concise in communicating with Sasha, as she listens very well. She responds well to clear rules and limits and has the potential to be a real top dog. She is an active girl and need someone who really has the time and thinks it's fun to work with a young and malleable girl. She's looking for a stable home with a lot of dog experience.

Sex: Female

Born: May 2011

Height: 51cm

Weight: 17kg

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